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Janet Heins is a highly regarded Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) known for her expertise in deploying state-of-the-art technology solutions to protect systems and educating employees so they are equipped to protect companies from security risks.

A self-described builder, Janet is passionate about building teams that are made up of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Her reward is seeing how that combined diversity of thought and experience contributes to making companies more secure.

"You can't measure what you don't see"

- Janet Heins, Visibility Builder

As Seen and Quoted In

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Quantum Computing: Prepare to be Prepared

The topic of quantum computing sounds complex unless you are an expert mathematician. Most of us are not, but we can still understand the concepts, follow the evolution and learn what we need to do to be prepared

Eliminating the
After-Market of

Today, information security is a top priority for every company due to constantly growing and evolving threats.  That makes building security into applications from the start more important than ever. What applications don’t do are equally as important as what they are intended to do. 

Preparing for The Journey To A Mature Security Model

Maturing the security capabilities of an organization takes intentional planning and execution. It is more than securing funding. To pave the way we must align with the company's goals, assess where we are, and engage all parts of the company.

Thriving as a Woman in Leadership: Strategies for Success

Gender biases and stereotypes are still prevalent and being a female leader can be challenging. However, with the right mindset, skills, support and qualities, women can overcome these obstacles and make a significant impact in their industries. By exploring the challenges, advantages, and qualities of female leaders, you will be better equipped with inspiration and guidance to become effective and empowering leaders.

You Can't Measure What You Don't See

Session Blurb: Having visibility into an organization's digital environment is key to protecting a company. Where do you start and who do you ask? Learn how to use what you have and know today to build out the visibility needed to protect your company.

Strategies for a Stronger Security Program: Lessons from Across Industries

There are both commonalities and differences when implementing a security program in different industries. As cyber-attacks continue to rise, it's essential for businesses to implement a robust security program to protect themselves and their customers. Hear the strategy that is effective across industries, how to recognize where there may be differences, and how you can apply them to your own company.

Business Impact As A Strategic Leader

A strategic leader and critical business advisor establishing and overseeing execution of technology roadmap to  enable achievement of business objectives while protecting intellectual property, information, and information  systems in growing and dynamic businesses.  

Effective executive presence gaining buy-in from senior leadership for adoption of strategies and approval of  associated budgets to develop robust information security programs and maturing global IT functions. Leverage  technology, innovation, and business acumen to develop and implement an Information Technology strategic plan.  

Record of building, leading, and maintaining highly connected and committed cross-organization teams to govern and  execute multiple, large scale transformational projects. Comprehensive knowledge of technology operations, mergers &  acquisitions, and financial management.

“If you are ahead of the pack and everyone's behind you, ask yourself: Are you leading or are you holding people back?”

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